Member agreement

22. Anything else?

Yes – these terms form a contract between you and us so we need to tell you about some other terms that apply to our relationship with you.

The law that applies to this contract will be the law governing whichever part of the UK you live in – so if you live in England or Wales, the law of England and Wales applies; if you live in Scotland, Scots law applies and if you live in Northern Ireland, the law of Northern Ireland will apply. If you live in the Republic of Ireland, then Irish law will apply.

We may transfer our contract with you to anyone who acquires our business. If this were to happen, we would let you know and you would be free to cancel your membership of the Programme – see What if I don't want to be a Member anymore?

The contract is personal to you so you cannot transfer it to someone else but the transfer of Points to another Member's Account can happen with our consent and we will act reasonably in all the circumstances. Please note though that Points can only be transferred from an Account to another Account if adequate evidence to support the authority to transfer is given to us.

The legal rights to the Website, our app, the Points Reminder, all content and our trademarks and branding are ours or, in some cases, they may also belong to Partners or others who work with us. Our Online Behaviour Rules give you limited rights to use these things for your personal use only.  The Online Behaviour Rules also give us rights to use any content that you post or upload to the Website, our app or the Points Reminder.