Member agreement

18. What happens if I do not use my Account?

We work hard to provide exciting offers and opportunities for Members to incentivise them to interact with the Programme. Where it appears to us that an Account is no longer active because there has been an extended period of inactivity we may make an Account dormant and cancel any Points sitting on it.

So, if, for a period of 6 months or more you do not:

(a) log-in to your Rewards4Imps Account, AND

(b) collect or spend Points,

then your Account will become a 'Dormant Account'.

This means that we may make it inactive and cancel any Points balance sitting on it. But don’t worry! We will contact you by e-mail beforehand to let you know that your Account is at risk of being re-classified as a Dormant Account and that your Points balance may be cancelled as a result. If you then log-in to your Account AND collect or spend Points within the period specified in the email, your Account status will remain active.

Unspent Points collected on Ticketing, Merchandise and Hospitality will be deleted at the end of each season on the 30th April.